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September 2012

  • Hazelnut Fondant
    Dessert Recipes

    Hazelnut Fondant

    Very few people I know can resist a molten chocolate cake and I’m definitely one of them. They’re the ultimate indulgence even though their preparation is quite simple. They reign over practically every restaurant’s…

    September 30, 2012
  • Steak Sarnie 6
    Main course Recipes

    Steak Sarnie

    Walking around my neighborhood this past Sunday, I got immediately reminded that football season had kicked off within minutes of reaching the main street. The gorgeous weather had opened up all the bars and…

    September 27, 2012
  • FCO Montreal 8
    Montreal Restaurants

    FCO di Fiumicino, Montreal

    I have yet to make it to Rome but I recently found a pretty authentic shortcut at FCO di Fiumicino, a new pizza and gelato parlor in Old Montreal. I’ve always had a preference…

    September 23, 2012